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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
Viz, i like you man .... you definitely have a way of wording things ... great post ... but man, not everyone believes in the bible ... not everyone believes in God or religion .. how can you base the laws of a land with such a wide variety of belief systems on one Holy Book?
You may not able to, but what society cannot or WILL not do is irrelevant. God doesn't judge YOU by what society says, He judges you by your heart. And if you are not living your life according to His Law then you are subject to His penalty.

how can you say gay marriages aren't allowed because God didn't intend for it without alienating a bunch of people .. i know God isn't worried about alienating non-believers .. but still ..
Everyone is given the choice TO believe. Working backwards from that fact we know that no one is or was initially alienated by God. They took that walk away. They were not pushed away. The Bible should be your source book for the answers. Nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality in general revealed to be anything less than a pure sin.

Please consider England in your prayers!
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