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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
well, you may be right ... i don't know what the real rate of divorce is, 50% is the number that is thrown around .. who knows if you can even find real stats on this ... listen, when you can go to vegas and get married by a guy dressed as elvis, or have a drive thru wedding, how can people say that two guys or two girls marrying each other goes against the values of marriage ... or also the fact that heterosexuals are getting around the system for tax reasons and getting married to save some dough .. i am not saying that two wrongs make a right, but i think allowing gay marriage isn't going to tarnish the institution for those religious people who have been married for years ..
Divorce tarnishes marriage too. True.

This is why brother you need to have Ears to Hear. It doesn't matter what man's law makes "right". It ONLY matters that God's Law IS right. If you keep judging all of this through a humanistic, excuse-laden lens you will always excuse everything. There ARE absolutes. God's ways are always absolute.

Please consider England in your prayers!
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