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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
seems to have done a good job ... doubt any state will try and secede anytime soon ... some states may talk a big game, but when it comes down to it, none of them have the cajones to do it ..
Well, now they cant for financial reasons. You see...if the Union exists as the sum of its members, then it has next to no power without those members. The Union is therefore a Hive Mind of all the individual States to show a collective face in world affaires, to coordinate Trade, to run a military.

But Lincoln says that the States have no autonomous power...therefore a collection of States also has no autonomous power...therefore the Federal Union is not just a collection of States...there has to be something added to that collection to suply it with legitamate power.

That "Thing" is a Federal Government autonomous of the State System...The Extra, Golden State, that distributes power, and provides for all the individual States. This is something I dont think that George Washington would have wanted for VERY obvious reasons...its just a form of dictation of One State, over all the others. That One State is Primarily in the Federal Triangle of the Capitol City....and then in Federal Outposts in each of the States.

When times are good, I suppose they are fantastic...BUT without each individual State fighting its OWN CAUSE, which it can not do because of the Bi-Partisan issues...noone fights for their State anymore, they fight for their political party...and thats how each State has slowly been reduced to nothing more then a Council...which is now so completely hardwired into an illicit Federal System, that if you were to remove the Golden State...there WOULD be anarchy because the States are absolutely reliant on the Federal Government...Infact, the method the Federal Government use now is deprivation to any State Government that decides it wont play ball.

The Federal Government holds the money...and now that times are hard, you see the extent of the damage done. It appears that every single President from the time of Abraham Lincoln, to the Present, has unfortunately, and probably unwittingly, at least a few generations after the civil war, been aiding and abetting a system contrary to Constituional Values.

The President of the United States of America is more of a Monarch then ANY Monarchy of the current world. Forget the "checks and ballences" because those doing the "checks and ballences" they are dependant upon the Federal System for their existance...

The US needs a period of Devolution. It needs an INDEPENDANT President who will break up the Bi-Partisan System, transfer powers back to the State Governments, and be the figure head that he is supposed to be outside of war.

Only with a Constituionalistic approach can one really claim that dream. Im sorry, but its Constituion FIRST Union Second...and THATS the grave error that Lincoln made. He comprimised the beliefs of the Constituion to try and save the Union...and he basically turned the Union into a monster which then devoured the constituion. The United States has never been the same since...The reason no other country really knew this was because of the pre-world war issolationism. Thats the other trouble...if you depend on yourself as a Union, then you bind yourself together against soverignty...which only works as long as coorperation works...and nothing Gold can stay, as Robert Frost would say
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