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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I agree. The problem is that our government is run by people and people WILL abuse power if you hand them that power without accountability. It's our nature, since human beings are inherently evil. So, it's best not to give the government that power in the first place.

Could you imagine how different the media reaction to this would be if George W. Bush was still President? Right now the Left is trying their best to vilify this Snowden guy, but they would be heralding him as a hero and a true patriot if Bush was still in office.

I'm starting to think that maybe protecting the American people from terrorism should not be 100% the government's responsibility. No one should be relying on any government body for their own personal protection. We need to get back to a frame of mind where every individual American is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their family.
sure .. people are going to side with the political group they identify themselves with most of the time ... i am sure most people on here would have no problem with this if it were the bush admin doing it, just like they had no issue with the patriot act ... but john mccain has stated his support for this program (i know he ran in 2008, not 2012), so this program would have probably been in effect with the GOP in charge too ...
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