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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i don't think there will be a lot of backlash from the other side as (and i am just guessing) there has probably been programs like this, or similar to this in past administrations ... its just the obama admin that couldn't keep the wraps on it .. they just mentioned up here in Canada that the gov't has been montoriing calls (something like monitoring outgoing calls to certain numbers to detect patterns) ... i am not saying its right, i just think there are so many things gov'ts around the world do that their citizens don't have a clue about ..

but, i think if this guy had security clearances for this and exposed it, he should be brought to justice on it ..
I understand the world is a different place and we have to be able to have the ability to track terrorists, it's the unknown human factor that makes a program like PRISM so scary. Look how the IRS is being used against political opponents, look at what our AG has done in the James Rosen case. I have little faith in these so-called safeguards they say are in place to guard against abuse of this program when we see just how easy it is for people in positions of power to abuse that power and use it against their own citizens.

I want us to be safe from terrorists, I just hate that we have to wonder now if we're safe from our own government.

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