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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Since the government was acting outside of the US Constitution by collecting data on American citizens who have not been accused of a crime, then he is more of a whistleblower, not a traitor.

It's the Obama Administration that is betraying the American people here, not Edward Snowden.
I'm kind of shocked that so many are okay with this program...people like Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove. Karl Rove was explaining the program on O'Reilly and he says, like the President has, that they aren't collecting information on "Americans", but I just don't believe it. Have you seen that huge complex they are building in Utah just for this purpose, to collect and store all this information? Between Benghazi, the IRS targeting religious and political conservative groups, the DOJ getting warrants targeting the AP and James Rosen of FOX News, we're supposed to TRUST their word that there are all these "safeguards" in place to protect us from abuse with this program...I don't think so!

The thing that makes me uneasy about Edward Snowden is that he fled to Hong Kong/China. He's telling the world all this information he was privy to which could make a lot of unsavory people/countries want to get ahold of him to find out exactly what secrets he knows that they could use against us. I'm glad we know about this program now, but I wish Snowden had stayed here to do it. He's in a lot of trouble. If he doesn't end up dead, I have no doubt the U.S. government will do everything in its power to get him back here and prosecute him. I'm sure they will want to make an example of him to discourage anyone else who might be thinking of exposing secrets to the public or our enemies.
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