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I think Americans needed to find out what our government is doing data mining, collecting all this information on millions of it's citizens. I think we should all be alarmed by the things that are coming out about this and what the IRS has been doing, as well as Eric Holder and the DOJ going after journalists/press, and all the cover-ups with absolutely no accountability for any of it.

I'm not sure about this guy Snowden especially since he fled to Hong Kong, it doesn't make him look good. If they can prove he's leaked classified information to China that's a whole other matter and he should be treated as a traitor.

It's okay if President Obama and his gang of lawless peeps leak classified information to make him look good, but when others blow the whistle informing Americans about all the underhanded stuff going on under the umbrella of Obama's administration, it's a different story. Obama said his would be the most transparent administration, as we see it's been anything but!

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