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Raphael Assuncao vs. Vaughan Lee

Round 1:
Our referee for this final preliminary bout is Mario Yamasaki. Assuncao is the No. 6 ranked bantamweight on the UFC's official rankings. Touch of gloves and we're off. Lee opens with a leg kick. Assuncao charges inside and grabs a single. Lee defends and returns to the center of the cage. Straight right misses for Assuncao, followed by a flying knee. High kick misses for Lee, but he's starting to find his range. Assuncao presses forward with a one-two. Assuncao muscles Lee against the fence. Lee breaks away and fires off a leg kick. Assuncao changes levels, picks Lee up and slams him to the canvas, landing in a high half guard. Assuncao frees his right leg and advances into side control. Assuncao climbs into mount. Thirty seconds left. Lee explodes to his knees but Assuncao still in control.

Round 2:
Lee stalking forward. Assuncao misses a high kick. Lee clinches, but Assuncao quickly reverses against the fence. A wide cut somehow opened across Assuncao's forehead during the scramble. Assuncao trips Lee to the mat and deftly moves into full mount. Assuncao latches onto an arm and whirls into a belly-down armbar. Lee valiantly trying to defend. Assuncao slowly twists Lee around and pries the arm free. Super slick finish.

Raphael Assuncao def. Vaughan Lee via submission (armbar) at 1:51 of round 2.
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