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Godofredo Pepey vs. Felipe Arantes

Round 1:
Dan Miragliotta is our referee for this featherweight bout. Pepey and his purple hair wade forward winging looping punches. Pepey latches onto a single against the fence, then trips Arantes down and takes his back. Arantes reverses and winds up in top position. Arantes postures up and unloads a few short punches. Pepey fires back with elbows from the bottom. Big elbow from Arantes crushes into Pepey's chin. Pepey hunts for a kimura, then uses the opportunity to sweep into mount. The Brazilian crowd explodes! Arantes stays patient and sweeps back into top position. Arantes postures up and unleashes a brutal salvo of shots. Oh man, Pepey is in trouble. Big series of elbows. Arantes is relentless. That's it, this one is over.

Godofredo Pepey def. Felipe Arantes via TKO (punches) at 3:32 of round 1.
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