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Ildemar Alcantara vs. Leandro Silva

Round 1:
Referee Marc Goddard oversees this welterweight bout. Alcantara, clearly the much larger fighter, misses a high kick. Big knee staggers Silva. Alcantara stays patient and stalks forward. Alcantara slips and Silva dives into Alcantara's guard. Alcantara works back to his feet, but Silva seizes a single. Alcantara successfully fights it off. Straight jab lands for Silva. Silva catches a kick and clings to it, looking for the takedown. Alcantara reverses and powers Silva to the canvas, landing in his guard. Alcantara advances into half guard and rains down a few punches. The Brazilian crowd voices its displeasure at this ground battle. On cue, Alcantara stands and allows Silva to his feet. Silva hunts for a single at the horn.

Round 2:
Silva wades forward with a combination, followed by a leg kick. Alcantara responds with a one-two. Silva blocks a high kick. Alcantara does the same. Silva just can't get inside that reach. More boos echo down from the crowd. Alcantara lunges forward with a flying knee to the midsection. Silva slips an uppercut then lowers his hands. Alcantara just backs away. Silva dives for a single and can't get it. The Brazilian boobirds make themselves known once again. The pace has slowed significantly. Spinning wheel kick nearly connects for Alcantara. Silva shakes it off. Alcantara tosses out a few jabs. Silva trying his best Anderson Silva impression against the fence. Spinning wheel kick lands for Silva, but he slips to the mat just as the horn sounds. Slow, slow round.

Round 3:

Silva's corner implored its fighter to turn up the heat during the break. Let's see if he does. Alcantara still stalking forward. Silva dives for a single but Alcantara easily evades. Alcantara connects with an outside leg kick. The constant boos are just white noise at this point. Silva snatches another single. Alcantara hops around the cage to defend, then trips Silva to the canvas. Alcantara briefly stands, then lunges back into top position with a looping right. Silva works into butterfly guard and throws up a leglock attempt. Nothing gives. Silva plants an illegal upkick on Alcantara's chin. Goddard deems it accidental and keeps the action going. Alcantara allows Silva up, then easily drags Silva back to the mat. Alcantara stands again. This crowd is not happy.

Ildemar Alcantara def. Leandro Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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