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Rodrigo Damm vs. Mizuto Hirota

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is our referee for this featherweight tilt. Touch of gloves and we're off. Left hook lands for Hirota. Stiff jab snaps Damm's head back. And another. Hirota clips Damm and sends him reeling. Damm recovers then drops Hirota with a big right hand. Damm ties up against the fence, then drags Hirota to the mat. Hirota pops back to his feet and eventually gets some separation. Hirota wings a few straight punches to Damm's midsection. Damm answers with a strong right. Wild overhand right misses. Hirota eats another big right. Both fighters relying on single punches instead of combinations.

Round 2:
Hirota bouncing around, light on feet. Damm eats a left and fires back. Counter one-two lands flush for Damm. Strong kick snaps into Hirota's lead leg. Damm starting to find his rhythm. Overhand left connects. Another left. Hirota can't seem to get anything going. Just as I type that, Hirota staggers Damm with a combination. Damm answers with a high kick. Damm pumps his jab. Damm changes levels for a single but can't get it. Damm picking away with Hirota looking to counter. Tight round.

Round 3:
Solid exchange kicks off the round, with Damm getting the better of it. Damm dives for a single but Hirota sprawls to avoid. Hirota still relying on single straight punches instead of mixing things up. Damm eats a right hand and answers with his own. Damm unsuccessfully shoots in for a double. Wild overhand right nearly lands for Damm. Damm starting to pour it on a little bit, but nothing lands flush. Hirota staying busy. Hirota ties up but Damm just throws him away and fires off a leg kick. Hirota connects with a looping right. Damm lunges inside and suplexes Hirota to the canvas! Wow, where did that come from? Hirota takes a moment then explodes to his feet. Hirota pressures forward with a series of straight punches but it might be too little, too late.

Rodrigo Damm def. Mizuto Hirota via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Interesting that mmafighting thought it was fairly close but still gave every round to Damm. Wonder what the other judge was looking at?
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