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Caio Magalhaes vs. Karlos Vemola

Round 1:
Referee Dan Miragliotta oversees this middleweight bout. Magalhaes immediately changes levels for a double. Vemola sprawls and defends. Magalhaes hunts for a guillotine but eventually gives up against the fence. Magalhaes latches onto another guillotine. This one is tighter. Vemola powers out of it again and winds up in top position raining down beefy rights and lefts. Shorts elbows from Vemola. Magalhaes is taking a beating on bottom. Magalhaes throws up an armlock then transitions to an omoplata, but can't secure anything. Vemola is relentless with his punches from the top. Vemola briefly moves into side control but Magalhaes takes the opportunity to scoot out and stand up. Magalhaes grasps for another guillotine only to wind up with his back on the canvas. Magalhaes stands, and almost immediately he hunts for yet another guillotine. This one might be the tightest so far. Vemola slams Magalhaes to the mat and muscles out. Furious pace.

Round 2:
Magalhaes greets Vemola with a strong right hand. Vemola ties up against the fence. Magalhaes reverses and trips Vemola to the canvas, landing in full guard. Magalhaes quickly passes to half guard, then side control. Magalhaes takes Vemola's back and unloads a salvo of punches. Miragliotta warns against punches to the back of the head. Magalhaes rolls and briefly grasps a head and arm choke. Vemola defends but can't get away. Another scramble. Magalhaes retakes Vemola's back. Magalhaes slithers in an arm and locks up a rear-naked choke. What a comeback.

Caio Magalhaes def. Karlos Vemola via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:49 of round 2.
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