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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
The Founding Fathers would have been pretty accepting of Judaism, which is why we say that America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values, not just Christian values.

It also didn't hurt that Jewish settlers were helping to fund the American Revolution.
Jews yes...but in essence, if all of Christianity falls under the bracket of Messianic Judaism...then Judaism and Christianity are technically speaking the same faith. That was my point by saying earlier, that for all intense and purposes in this argument, Judaism may as well be a denomination of Christianity...where as that is NOT true for Islam, Oriental Polythesism, Paganism, or Secular athiesm

We can interpret both ways I believe...but that is interpretation, its not applied pragmatics by the authors, but by the zeitgiest of the reader...and they are very different.

I do have a question concerning the Civil War actually. I sort of dont understand why the Federal Union didnt simply accept the Confederate System. The reason being, that up to that point in time, All States in the Union were still Soverign...and therefore, didnt the notations made in the declairation of Independance apply to all those States...? Meaning, that at any time they had the right, under their own freedom of soverignty to make peace and war...Shouldnt President Lincoln have respected their choice to leave the Union...?

I understand he didnt like slavery, and understand that the southern states who formed the confederate were heavily into it. But, if the North depended on the South and their productions from Slavery, then fighting and beating the South wouldnt have helpped because either way, to let them go, or conqure them, you would have to have abolished slavery, or been 100 percent hypocritical...and if the North were not dependant on the South...then frankly, they should have let them go as free States

As I see it, ALL States, and therefore ALL people are now in Bondage to an overhyped Federation. He freed the slaves from private slave drivers...and then tied every single person in the whole Union to Government slavery instead????

I dont understand the American Civil War...and from what I know of the changed in the Federal Government...I dont think I like President Lincoln either. In one respect...of course...I do recognise that the British Empire probably used Slavery far more, and far longer then the Americas...

I'm not in favour of slavery...but I fail to see how creating the Big Government, was either Constitutional, or any better a situation. Its like...Americans speak a lot about the War of Independance...but ive heard almost no American, anytime, mention or speak about the Civil War at all.
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