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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
The Freedom of Religion in the Constitution only prevents the US government from discriminating against someone for their religious beliefs. only prevents the US Government from descriminating between the differing denominations of Christianity....and requires, consequently, the division between State and Church, which didnt exist in any of the Roman Catholic Countries...and thus proved a massive conflict of interest when Protestantism emerged.

Never was this seen worse then during the English Reformation when King Henry broke from Rome, died with a young, weak heir...and had two Daughters..One Roman Catholic, One Anglican....The Founders of America saw the damage done during the Lancastrian House of Tudor, and avowed to never let that problem happen again.

Thus the split between State (be it Religious, a la Rome, or National, a la local Governments) AND the presumption that Tollerance between Romanism and Protestantism would be upheld. Further, that due to the Religious aspects of the English Civil War, which saw two PROTESTANT Denominations battle each other, the lack of mention of specific denominations was a wise move....but, technically speaking, as much a modern spin as what I mention below

At the time, these different denominations were viewed, by those who upheld them as completely different religions...hence the animosity between them.

When the US Constitution mentions "Religious" is NOT applied contextually to anything but the different denominations of Christianity. To apply it to other faiths, is to but a modern day spin on a document that doesnt include this as an ominssion.

But you should know that...because YOU were the one who taught me the basis...I just researched it more since and before anyone points out the faith of the Founders...Diests were an accepted part of Christondom at the time....along with Puritans
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