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Default CME Listener Mail GIF Parade


As we’ve mentioned once or twice on the show, we get a lot of great listener mail at the CME podcast. We’re going to go ahead and attribute that to the uncommonly intelligent, witty, and literate crowd that the CME draws in with its own uncommonly intelligent, witty, and literate product. I guess what I’m saying is, we take credit for your emails. The good ones, anyway. The crappy ones are on you, and you should feel bad about them.

Anywho, there simply isn’t time for us to read all your emails on the podcast without a) breaking one of our solemn vows, and b) letting •••• get real redundant around here. At the same time, we don’t want you to think your questions are ending up in the same dark hole as your letters to Santa and/or God. We also don’t want to just throw them on the site without comment, because, c’mon, that’s not the kind of dudes we are. We’re the dudes who post your emails, but also convey our feelings on them via the magic of GIFs. Trust us, ten years from now all human communication will happen this way. We’ll all be idiots by then, so it’ll be fine.

From Sacha Brady: For some odd reason, I found myself thinking about MMA ring girls’ attire.

Then I suddenly wondered about Invicta–do they have ring girls, or do they have ring guys, and if so, what do they wear? Can you see a time when we’ll have moved past the point of needing people to sashay round the ring holding numbered boards to help those who can’t count to three recognise what round it is?

Bruce Buffer only has to read people’s names so why can’t he take on this heavy responsibility? To keep costs down, perhaps we could even see Dana White charging round outside of the ring?

From Brian Martin: Pretty sure there was an unprecedented level of pussyfooting going on in every post-fight interview Vitor Belfort gave, and ESPECIALLY in Chael Sonnen’s analysis wherein you could almost see him jumping the shark. Should we be “in” on the TRT joke, or just plain embarrassed?

From Cory Whichard: Moving forward, will we ever see Vitor Belfort fight outside of Brazil? Would Dana White and Joe Silva risk a situation where Belfort manages to beat Anderson Silva, but then is only able to defend the middleweight championship in Brazil?

It seems to me that if the UFC executives are unwilling to offer him a rematch with Anderson Silva, then Belfort’s career is about to take a weird turn. Is Vitor Belfort destined to become the scariest perennial gatekeeper in the UFC: a mullet-wearing, synthetically-enhanced fight veteran who constantly talks about dinosaurs and Jesus?

From Danno:
To paraphrase the one and only Gilbert Yvel, “why evan dunham always getting ••••ed, man?”

From Nicholas Picholas:
Am I wrong to suggest this TRT problem is partly the media’s fault?

While I respect the work from both Ben and Chad, I feel like you don’t give enough •••• to TRT users. Vitor is obviously a cheater, whether the Testosterone-Osaurus Rex says it’s legal or not, but what about the others? Why does no one ever give Dan Henderson ••••? Or Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen, Frank Mir? They’re all cheaters. I recognize that they haven’t been fighting recently but where are your articles saying they’re ••••ing up the sport? Is it only Vitor who gets •••• because he got caught in the past and he’s not a “Warrior” like Dan Henderson (whatever the •••• that means). You guys gotta be hard on everyone or we’ll be reading Ben’s Through the Past Darkly for the next 5 years with “TRT” in every title.

From George Hayman:
You’re certainly going to address Vitors response to post-fight-TRT-questions in one of the rounds BUT let me offer an opinion that might fit in there. I saw many people asking why TRT use is such a big deal with Belfort and not with Hendo, for example: Because it is so blatant! Same with Overeem even before he was busted: they’re basically insulting our intelligence by expecting us to believe they’re not chemhancing themselves.

From Alex Barlett:
It seems as if every TRT user in MMA, Chael, Dan, Rampage to name juat a few, act as if it is their God given right to do so and refuse to see the huge disadvantage it creates for their “clean” opponents. Vitor Belfort probably believes that Jesus himself wrote his prescription and he seems very insulted every time the issue is brought up suggesting the last time that the questioner should be beaten up for doing so.

Is this self righteous entitlement to use TRT due to the fact that they, as athletes totally immersed in this small community, probably know or suspect beyond a doubt that a vast amount of the pro MMA community is using banned substances and with TRT they have just been lucky enough to find a way to do it openly?

From Mark Runza:
Weed…..Pat Healy…..suspension……discuss.
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