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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
I do think Griffin deserved it.

He held the belt, even if it was only once with no defense.

He was the first Ultimate Fighter winner.

The fight against Bonnar was declared the #1 UFC fight of all time in the UFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights.

Three fights of the year.

Four fight of the nights. 1 Submission of the night

10 and 5

TUF Coach

I think that all of that coupled with what his fight with Bonnar did for the business means he should get it. Taken bit by bit it's not a whole lot but when added up I think it is.
good points, but i still disagree .. LOL ... technically diego was the first TUF winner .. ok ok, they tied .. putting on exciting fights is one thing, winning is another ... i don't think he ever had longer than a 3 fight winning streak in the ufc ... he got fight of the night for losing to anderson ...

i know people keep looking back to that first bonnar fight, so i will put it out there that i didn't think it was a great fight ... sure, i am just one person, but imo it was a sloppy fight betweeen two guys who wanted to win .. i think it brought a lot of new fans to the sport .. sure dana loves that fight, but he is the biggest just bleed fan, cuz it makes him more money .. but hey, thats just my two cents
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