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Donald Cerrone vs. K.J. Noons

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is our referee for this lightweight pay-per-view bout. No touch of gloves. Noons starts off firing. Cerrone bounces on his heels, shoots in unsuccessfully for a double, then connects with a knee on the way out. Straight jab from Cerrone. And another. Noons wades in with a leg kick. Small cut already dripping blood down Noon's right cheek. Cerrone continuing to probe jabs and leg kicks from range. Cerrone finds a home for a knee on Noon's midsection. Cerrone secures a quick takedown, then lands an uppercut while Noons climbs to his feet. Both fighters trade low kicks. Big leg kick stumbles Noons. Noons is decently bloodied now. Another knee to the body from Cerrone. Noons snaps a double jab towards Cerrone followed by a cross. Cerrone answers with a big three-shot combination. Head kick just misses for Cerrone.

Round 2:
Cerrone wastes no time dragging Noons to the canvas. Noons scrambles back up but eats a knee to the face. Short jab from Cerrone. Noons stalks forward and connects with a right hand. Cerrone ties Noons up in the clinch and unloads a stiff knee. Cerrone pushing the pace, landing quick shots from range. Noons still moving forward but he's noticeably slowed. Big exchange, Cerrone gets the better of it. Noons lands a straight left. Spinning back fist backs up Cerrone. Noons charges in but Cerrone dumps him on his back. Hammerfists from guard by Cerrone. Cerrone stands then advances into half guard. Cerrone working short left hands from top position. Cerrone still raining down shots. Noons tries to reestablish his guard but Cerrone just moves into side control.

Round 3:
Noons smiling broadly as the final frame kicks off. Both men trade inside leg kicks. Front kick from Cerrone. Noons' hands are low. Wild overhand left misses for Noons. Cerrone eats a big one-two then muscles Noons to the mat, landing inside Noons' guard. Short elbow crushes Noons' brow. And another. Noons is getting blasted here. Noons tries to scramble out but to no avail. Noons' face is caked with his own blood. More elbows from guard by Cerrone. Noons again tries to scramble out but Cerrone just uses the opportunity to advance into half guard. Noons works a few elbows from the bottom, but this is all Cerrone right now. "Cowboy" advances into side control. Yamasaki asks Noons if he can see between all the blood around his eyes. 10 seconds left and Cerrone unloads another salvo of elbows. Dominant performance.

UFC 160 results: Donald Cerrone def. K.J. Noons via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Whew, that was a bloody one! I loved how the Cowboy showed off his gaping wound by his elbow while waiting for the decision.

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