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Mike Pyle vs. Rick Story

Round 1:
Steve Mazzagatti is the referee for this welterweight fight. Pyle pulls guard at his first opportunity. Pyle's great on the ground, and he's making things difficult for Story. Pyle rolls out, gets an opening for a Kimura, and seizes it, but Story's able to spin out of it. Story ends up back in Pyle's guard. They stand and Story starts swinging, but Pyle covers up. Story connects with a right and again tries to open up, but Pyle once again covers up. Final minute, back to center Octagon. Story drops Pyle straight backwards with a shot right on the kisser, but can't put Pyle away. Pyle manages to pull guard.

Round 2:
Story's sucking wind as the round starts, but he's still landing single punches. Pyle tags Story. they end up on the mat and Pyle's got one nasty Kimura on Story. Somehow Story manages to escape. He's still in Pyle's half-guard and can't do much from top position. Pyle's working for a triangle from the bottom, but it's not there.

Round 3:
Slow pace to start round three. Story's looked winded since the end of the first round. Pyle pressing forward, Story backtracking. Story goes for a takedown, doesn't get it. Pyle lands a knee. They clinch. They've clinched to a stalemate, with Pyle up against the fence. They break with about a minute left in the round. Pyle the more active of the two. Pyle opening up, Story's face is bloodied. Pyle works for an armbar, doesn't get it, but he does get Story's back. Fight ends in that position.

Mike Pyle def. Rick Story via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
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