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Colton Smith vs. Robert Whittaker

Round 1:
Whittaker catches Smith with an uppercut coming in. Pops him again coming in. The third time, Smith goes for a takedown, which Whittaker sprawls. Smith throws a low kick and Whittaker rep sons with an uppercut. Smith circling the outside, Whittaker in a stance with his left hand down and his right hand cocked. Smith with a two-punch combo. Whittaker again avoids a takedown. One minute left. Whittaker tags Smith with a right hand as he comes in. Smith drops Whittaker with a punch with about 30 seconds left, goes for a Kimura, but Whittaker rolls out of it. Back to their feet. Smith stole the round with the knockdown at the end.

Round 2:
Both guys come out swinging to start the round, with each fighter landing and Whittaker scoring a knockdown along the way. Pace slows. From where I'm sitting it looks like Smith's right eye may be closing up. This is turning into an entertaining little scrap, with each guy having their moments. Smith goes for a takedown, sticks with it, briefly gets Whittaker down, but Whittaker scampers away. Smith lands a low blow of a kick and referee Chris Tognoni calls a time out. Back to action. A one-two combo ricks Smith and opens a big cut over his left eye. Tremendous closing flurry by Whittaker, who lands a bunch of dirty uppercuts and also a big right hand on the button.

Round 3:
Both fighters play to the crowd at the start of the round. Whittaker landing early. Whittaker drops a charging Smith with a right to the jaw, lands a handful of punches, and Tognoni stops the fight.

Robert Whittaker def. Colton Smith via TKO at 0:41 of round three.
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