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Default UFC 160 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!!!

Jeremy Stephens vs. Estevan Payan

Round 1:
Payan's throwing low kicks early and is beating Stephens to the punch. A Stephens kick lands low, and the ref has to be talked into giving Payan a time-out. Back to action. Stephens presses forward and attempts a takedown to no avail. Payan wobbles Stephens with a right. Stephens goes for a takedown, but Payan pulls guard and has a guillotine. Stephens escapes and lands an elbow from the top. Stephens postures up and Payans lands a solid upkick. They scramble back to their feet and the sequence ends with Payan getting a standing choke. They hit the ground, and get right back up, with Stephens landing a knee in the process. One minute left. Payan is cut open from the elbow on the ground, Stephens is also cut. Stephens connects with a right hand which sends Payan backwards. Stephens lands a solid counter right.

Round 2:
Stephens lands a right to the temple which causes Payan to briefly lose his balance. Otherwise, the pace is slower in the opening minute. Stephens shoots a double and gets the takedown, with Payan postured up on the fence. Payan is back to his feet, with Stephens hanging on to a leg. Eventually Stephens gets Payan back to the mat. Stephens lands a couple more elbows and Payan is bleeding horrifically. Stephens has Payan's back ad is attempting an RNC, but he's having a hard time hanging on with all the blood flow. One minute left, still in the same position with Stephens committed to the choke, but not quite able to clinch it. There are pools of blood all over the mat where they fought on the ground.

Round 3:
Another slow opening minute, but Stephens changes that up with a solid head kick. Payan lands a solid right and Stephens responds in kind. Stephens chases Payan down, picks him up, and slams him. He gets a sitting Payan's back and lands a couple knees. Payan stays on one knee, but Stephens lands a series of right hands. Two minutes left, they're standing. Stephens bodylocks Payan. Payan reverses position, but that just enables Stephens to score another takedown. Payan basically just hangs on til the horn.

Jeremy Stephens def. Estevan Payan via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27).

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