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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Dave, I gotta be 100% honest here: I'm pretty shocked by your hypocrisy hear. I dunno, maybe "hypocrisy" isn't the right word, but you absolutely have a glaring double-standard.

Bellator uses the identical contracts that the UFC does (literally stole them word-word word, just replacing "UFC" with "Bellator", "Fox" with "Spike", etc.), and uses them in more destructive ways that the the UFC does (Eddie Alvarez, much?). If you think that the UFC's handling of its fighters is morally reprehensible, how can you be a supporter of Bellator? They pay less, their fighters get less sponsorships & they have a history of making life miserable for guys trying to move on (Eddie's not the only one). What's your justification for hating the UFC because of a crime, but gushing over a company that commits the identical crime with far more vigor?
You've got me wrong on two levels.

Firstly, I shall support my friends over any institution. I am pleased that Paul Sass has found any international platform, the fact it happens to be Bellator is just circumstance

Secondly...there is ONE thing that Bellator is doing which the UFC isnt. The real problem with the UFC is that we cant view it in England! THATS THE PROBLEM...its hard to support a company who doesnt bother to put their events on an easily accessable channel, and who charges way to much for the product they put out.

Bellator are looking to do free weekly broadcasts on British TV...IF Bellator can do that, WTH is the UFCs excuse? except for the fact they think that because they have reasonable coverage in the US all of a sudden that makes them Global...well, sorry but it doesnt. Frankly, I long for the time when I can sit down and spend a good three odd hours watching MMA...rather then all sunday morning, trying to watch videos, of parts of fights on a slow internet connection before the UFC move to remove them...and before you say about the Facebook fights...yeah...that doesnt seem to work in the UK either. My excitement isnt specifically Bellator...its simply that a recognisable MMA brand is comming to an easily accessable TV station hopefully...

The UFC HAVE impressed me lately, and I've specifically given credit where its due. I gave credit for them showing their code of conduct, I've vocally supported their use thus far, I've recognised that they want to come to England at the same time each year which would be more useful for fans diaries....and ive said I will look into their BT Sports deal...but will only be interested if thats for broadcast of their events...I am not interested in their youtube paid account...but dont condemn the fact they have one...Its just not for me, I wouldnt use it enough to be worth the money. So dont think that I'm just a hater, you should know me better then that by now.

Finally...I must admit, I am EXTREMELY pissed off with the UFC for what they have done concerning the strikeforce merger, and the women, at the expense of my friends...that really bugs me, that they keep some right idiots who cant fight, cant win, and arent exciting...and get rid of the vast majority of their british fighters, who, frankly, can, and basically lie about the reasons. Not to mention the fact that Dana White just cant seem to keep his word when he makes promises to fighters concerning Championship contention.

All my criticisms of the contracts stand against anyone who produces them, that includes Bellator...but on a personal level, they have yet to cause me offense
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