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Sadly, its very true, the Serving Soldier was killed in London and he was wearing a Help For The Heroes Jumper, which aids service men and women who are hurt whilst on active duty.

They began by slamming their motorcar off the road and pinning him against a lamp-post, They cut him up with meat cleavers, dragged him into the middle of the road and then chopped his head off, before trying to justify their actions to horrified passersby and forcing them to film it. Three Women did approach the killers seconds after the soldier was killed, and on grounds of compassion they were permitted to attend to him...but he was already dead, so they prayed beside his body instead.

After quarter of an hour, an armed response team showed up, and the killers tried to attack, in the hopes of becoming martyrs. That didnt go so well when the firearm used by the killers to attack the police backfired violently maiming the terrorists, giving the police the chance to shoot them, but they were not killed. They are currently receiving treatment for gunshots.

I may not have raised a huge ammount for this cause, and some of that might have been due to myself being lapse on promotion, but I do feel like I have given something to aid the cause which has been directly attacked in this unfortunate event....and I am very grateful to anyone who has joined me
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