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Dave, I gotta be 100% honest here: I'm pretty shocked by your hypocrisy hear. I dunno, maybe "hypocrisy" isn't the right word, but you absolutely have a glaring double-standard.

Bellator uses the identical contracts that the UFC does (literally stole them word-word word, just replacing "UFC" with "Bellator", "Fox" with "Spike", etc.), and uses them in more destructive ways that the the UFC does (Eddie Alvarez, much?). If you think that the UFC's handling of its fighters is morally reprehensible, how can you be a supporter of Bellator? They pay less, their fighters get less sponsorships & they have a history of making life miserable for guys trying to move on (Eddie's not the only one). What's your justification for hating the UFC because of a crime, but gushing over a company that commits the identical crime with far more vigor?
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