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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
I don't even like that the UFC has a Moral Police Department now. I always thought the UFC was about fighting. Remember those days? Remember when no one cared who said fag? Remember when Dana said fag and wow he still says FU CK all day long and seriously, how many public "moral" fighters are out there and how many are in the closet ass holes that cheat on their wives and steal from people and on and on but no one "catches" them so a lot of people don't know and hell, who cares? I mean really? Who cares? We just want to see a ••••ing fight, right?
not really that simple ... i know you know that ..... just saying tho ... they have major sponsors now, on fox, their fighters are tied to brands like nike, burger king (lol), under armour, gatorade .. thats a lot of exposure .. and when you have some one saying dumb things that potentially could be offensive to a good percentage of the paying customers, you don't want to alienate those people and therefore sitting back and doing nothing is not an option ...
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