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Default Pope Francis in Suspected Exorcism

On Pentecost Sunday a curious thing occured in Saint Peters Square....

As usual Pope Francis I performed a Mass in honour of the Sabath and especially to mark the birth of "the church" (actually the birth of The Early Church, and not The Roman Catholic Church) As always, Pope Francis went into his open top Pope Mobile and drove around the Square...and as sometimes happens, he is presented with disabled and disadvantaged people.

There was a man in a wheel chair who was presented to him. Pope Francis said something, one presumes a prayer, and laid his hands on top of the mans head. In response, the man began to writh about in an awkward manner for a while, which didnt seem to deter or bother the Pope who remained with his hands ontop of the mans head. A few moments later he removed his hands and the man sorta slumped in his chair.

Unfortunately Francis was caught doing this on Television

Now there should here be made a distinction between the pracise of casting out demons, and Exorcisms. The former, was conducted in the Ealry Church using absolutely no known literny/liturgy at all. The Latter is an extremely complex written litterny within Christendom.

Everyone in Rome says that what the Pope did was an exorcism, The Vatican is actually denying this. According to the Vatican, all Francis did was pray for the disabled man

Here in lies the big problem.

Technically speaking, it obviously wasnt an "Exorcism" because Pope Francis would not have had the time to utter all the official words. After all, an "Exorcism" is a ceremony.

Having said that, GOD does not require Ceremonial in order to cast out demons, neither, incidently, does he need anything other then a quite prayer.

I would say that it looked like Pope Francis might have accidently been the cause of GOD ejecting a demonic force. We live in a world now, where it is believed that we have little, to no, contact with the spiritual world.

But most people hear the voices of angelic host, and demon every single day. The problem is, they can not distinguish between their own minds thoughts, and whispers in their ear. Have you ever wondered why Christ spoke about sin being caused by naughty thoughts? He tells you that if you have THOUGHT about adultory, you have done it...That is because, personally, I do not believe in self talk. I think that up to 80% of thoughts you have a day are not your own thoughts at all, but suggestions.

We've all walked down the street...seen someone looking disheveled and THOUGHT TO OUR SELVES thankgoodness I look/am better then that.
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