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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
we have employment laws for sure, but if you ask me, the ufc created the contract and the fighters have signed the contract ..

2)the easiest thing for the fighters to do, is create a fighter union .. the ufc cannot bar them from doing this .. .i honestly don't know how this has not been done as of yet .. every sports league pretty much has a union ... if all of the fighters get on the same page, they can create a fighters union to review the contracts, negotiate salaries etc ... but they haven't ... it will come eventually i assume ..
1) Really thats great In England we have a whole strand of Civil Law which equates to Employment. Its led to the eradication generally speaking of "at will" employers. In the United States, most of the "Contracts" you see simply boil down to "if the employer doesnt want you, your fired, you have no rights to object" You say that Fighters can just go sign elsewhere...but bear in mind...probably 90% of America is rulled by At Will Employers. Heavens above...even Walmart in the United States is "At Will"

The presence of a contract, doesnt make it Contractual...Especially not in the UFC, where you are not contracted to work as a direct employee anyway. Employment wise, you would be classed as Subcontractor, Tax wise, you would probably be classed as Self Employed.

Now...both for the sake of Tax, and for the sake of Nationality, the defining basis of legality for a company is where the sales and contracts are processed. Thats how Google, for example is HUGE in England...but settles its finances on the continent...meaning, it doesnt fall under British Tax Law Practically speaking, their business is done here...but technically speaking all deals are processed in a country offering better coorperation tax Now most permanent American Companies in this country HAVE to coorperate with British Law...Walmart in the UK is both Unionized and NOT an At Will Employer...but because the UFC appears and dissapears, effectively doesnt exist, but inhabits a host know, officially speaking, its not it may treat its British personnel like its American.

2) There is a Huge Problem with that. Firstly, to be a successful Union it would have to have legitamacy and run in all States and Countries where MMA runs...or at least in the entireity of Continental America at the very least.

Secondly...its going to have to have cross-promotional presence....That means this Union would be available NOT JUST to the UFC...but also Bellator et al. Whilst that works in a competative environment between businesses...its probably not going to work with the turn over of Staff moving between the same competators. You know, the Union for the supermarkets is the same...but you dont get people from walmart jumping ship permanantly to the opposition, and then back. has to generally be acknowledged and backed by 80% of fighters...Tell me how the hell you would coordinate backing of, essentially, a trillion independants?? Not to mention that the sway of the coorperative would be from the majority of suppose, for arguments sake, ALL of AKA were members of this Union...but only two members of Team Alpha Male were part. There is a danger that the Union would become partisan towards particular UFC Camps, and Particular managers...GOD help us all if Greg Jackson, for example, was ellected by Union Members to be President!!! We'd have boring fights til the cows come home legitamized for all eternity.

The only way to do that well, would be for a certain group of Non-Fighters, yet qualified personnel to be Union Reps...and for the Coorperative to exist on an individual level BUT for Voting purposes, only allow ONE VOTE PER TRAINING CAMP. Remind you a little bit of the US Presidential ellections? Each Training Camp would have to be able to conduct a vote, and its majority be carried by the Camp Representative to the Union.

Now ask yourself, what counts as a Camp? Any Gym with MMA Aspirations? what about Gyms who have Chains...should each outlet be classed as a separate camp...therefore giving advantage to those already well established camps with multiple outlets...What happens when Fighters change Camps? What happens when they go and train at other gyms? is the final ding dong....soooooo Fighters are usually managed by Management groups independant of Individual Camps...For example, Suckerpunch Entertainment Manages Fighters in a range of different Camps. They find it hard enough with conflict of interests, when their fighters have to fight each other. Whilst this union can save fighters from Businesses, it cant do anything about the Managers of the fighters, nor fight camps...and sometimes they seem to be as bad as the promotions.

You have to also ask yourself...will fighters be willing to pay into such a scheme. Should it be voluntary, or should it be forced...from the Business perspective, if this was forced it would be then hard to claim wouldnt it, as any fighter would have access to a Union and no come back if they went up against the powerful and were to fall.

Finally...This Union would have its work cut out. In order to be effective, the Union would have to have enough Fighters contributing to try and force their recognition. If a Union was unable, for example, to distroy an entire UFC card, why should the UFC listen to it? Would the Fighters really dare to vote for a Strike...when they only get paid like three times a year anyway.

Its no use having the would have to have people like Jon Jones, turn round and say to Dana White that if he doesnt listen to the Union, he can forget his Main event...and then the entire card would basically have to have the courage not just to say it...but to follow through. There would be a large proportion of fans on the Companies side, simply because if this happened, the UFC would be unable to provide, and ultimately that would mean mma deprivation for the fans...and whilst the fans would no doubt turn on the UFC...they might also turn on the fighters who made the stand....thats a REALLY dangerous game to play if your entire career is based on public opinion as a reaction to what you do.

You would have to get the media on your side to stand a chance
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