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The shady manager allegedly slighting Invicta FC fighters has been named, and it's...

So yesterday we published Invcita FC president Shannon Knapp's statement of a shady manager that has been intimidating her stable of Invicta FC fighters (and potential ones), with the claims that he/she would have the ability to get them banned from entering Invicta FC and Strikeforce when it was still around. Now we no longer have to ponder whether this person is a female or a male -- it's a dude. Bummer for all guys out there. Women, look we all don't act like this -- I can assure you.

According to MMA pioneer Tara LaRosa, that shady manager's name is Brett Atchley from Addison Sports Management. LaRosa published a follow up statement on Shannon Knapp's initial post naming the perpetrator. Well, there you have it. Mystery over. Now we can get back to our normal lives, which means I'll be hibernating indoors for the rest of the week.

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