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I tell you what was strange about this walk, which because of the terrain with climbing up and down hills that I wasnt really prepared millage and time is really bizzare.

Soooo between Checkpoint One in Gouthwaite and Checkpoint Three in Lofthouse is supposedly Eight miles. Starting at 7.30, I got there at 10.30. Thats Eight miles across reasonable terrain in 3 hours...which is fine. The Three miles between Checkpoint Three in Lofthouse and Checkpoint Four at Scarhouse, is supposed to be Three miles, but is actually five miles. Starting at 10.30 I got there at 14.00. Thats three and a half hours for five miles due to the terrible terrain. Its Four Miles from Checkpoint Four at Scarhouse back to via Middlesmoor, to Lofthouse....Oh...I left Scarhouse at 2pm....How was I able to reach Lofthouse by 3.30 pm??????. Then Lofthouse to Bouthwaite is four miles...and I got to Bouthwaite by 5pm???? and so I made Checkpoint one at Gouthwaite at 5.50 with ten mins to spare.

Now...something else happened...I wasnt aware of the change in terrain after lofthouse and my fluid provisions ran out at Checkpoint Four at Scarhouse. I then had to climb the tallest hill on the course and cross the largest area of moorland and the blisteringly hottest part of the day. I didnt think I would ever be able to make it back, let alone within the time.

I remember praying and asking for help because I was burning in the sun, dehydrated and in danger of heatstroke...and suddenly, I'm able to move at nearly twice the speed

Five miles over difficult terrain without prayer equates to 3 and a half hours.
Four Miles over difficult terrain WITH prayer equates to an hour and a half

I might have prayed sooner had I known

Part Three
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