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Rafael dos Anjos vs. Evan Dunham

Round 1:
Both fighters open southpaw. Hard outside leg kick for dos Anjos and a left hand. One-two scores on the second half also for dos Anjos. Right hand ripped to the body for dos Anjos, but both fighters each punches in the pocket directly after. Overhand left scores now for the Brazilian off a blocked head kick. A caught kick from Dunham puts dos Anjos on his back and the Brazilian eats an elbow. Dos Anjos trying to control Dunham's posture and is blocking the pass. Kevin Mulhall stands them up and dos Anjos lands a left hook before the final bell.

Round 2:
Dunham times a double leg, but dos Anjos sets up a guillotine, which sets up a scramble. The two stand an separate. Hard right hook to the body by dos Anjos. The Brazilian is in on a shot pressing Dunham against the fence. He can't get it, but lands a right hand when he lets it go. Left hand counter scores twice for dos Anjos. Hard knee from a clinch break scores for dos Anjos. Decent jab from Dunham lands and another, although he eats a right in the process. Left hand scores for Dunham as he presses forward and scores a scoop right. Dos Anjos eats a knee but lands a two hard punches. Dunham scores.

Round 3:
Dunham opens the round pressing forward. Both land right hooks. Dunham being first to the punch on severl exchanges. He dives on a single, but dos Anjos stuffs it. The Brazilian scores with a body kick. And another one. Left hook for Dunham plus a one-two. Dos Anjos charges in and lands a right, but Dunham scores with two short rights of his own. Hard punches in the clinch from Dunham, but he eats a knee and has his shot stuffed by dos Anjos. Another hard body kick from the Brazilian, but he eats a right hand in the process. Dunham scores against the fence but eats two from the outside from the Brazilian.

Rafael dos Anjos def. Evan Dunham via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

BS decision. Am I totally off-base, Ben?
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