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Fabio Maldonado vs. Roger Hollett

Round 1:
Leon Roberts is our referee for this light heavyweight bout. Hollett misses wildly with an overhand right. Hollett charges forward. Maldonado finds a home for his right hook. Spinning back kick absolutely obliterates Maldonado's groin. Man, that was painful to watch. After watching Maldonado writhe in pain on the mat for a few minutes, we're back. Hollett times a double and gets it, landing in half guard. Hollett can't get anything going, so Roberts stands it up. Hollett pressures Maldonado against the cage then drops down for a double. Maldonado defends. Roberts splits the fighters. Hollett immediately seizes a takedown, then passes into half guard. What a weird, kind of awful round.

Round 2:
Hollett lands a few short shots against the fence. Standing knee to the jaw from Hollett. Maldonado swings wildly and misses. Maldonado clinches Hollett against the fence, then unloads a series of short punches. Hollett reverses, but eats a flurry of jabs. Maldonado going head-body, head-body. Hollett looks exhausted. Maldonado urges him to come forward. Hollett shoots for a high single. Maldonado fights it off. Hollett is cut wide open across his forehead. More body shots from Maldonado.

Round 3:
Hollett immediately secures a single leg takedown. Maldonado scrambles to his feet, then clinches Hollett against the cage. Maldonado unloads a slew of body shots. Hollett fires back and Maldonado loves it. Maldonado back to work, going head-body against the fence. Hollett eats a series of jabs. Another jab. Hollett is fading hard. Maldonado relentless with his body shots. One-two to the head dazes Hollett. Hollett just looking to survive. Hollet ties up against the fence, much to the distaste of the Brazilian crowd. Roberts splits it up. Hollett wades back inside, but Maldonado hits an inside trip and lands on top. Maldonado rains down punches.

Fabio Maldonado def. Roger Hollet via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-27)
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