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John Lineker vs. Azamat Gashimov

Round 1:
Our referee for this flyweight fight is Mario Yamasaki. Wild overhand right misses for Lineker. Huge right hook topples Gashimov. Lineker starts pounding away. Gashimov climbs back to his feet and ties up. Gashimov seems to have regained his senses. Lineker reverses a single, winding up on top inside Gashimov's guard. Lineker wings a few hard shots into Gashimov's body as he uses the cage to stand up. Gashimov sweeps out Likeker's leg. Lineker wobbles Gashimov with a big left hand. Gashimov answers with a counter right. Lineker swarms on Gashimov, and Gashimov grabs the fence while trying to defend the takedown. Yamasaki takes away a point. That was quick. Lineker floors Gashimov again with a looping hook. Gashimov clamors up, but that was a rough round.

Round 2:
Wild spinning backfist misses for Gashimov. Lineker unloads a flurry, and another. Kick to the body lands for Lineker. Lineker follows up with a massive right hand to the body that drops Gashimov. Lineker swarms. Gashimov is turtled up, eating shot after shot. That's it, folks.

John Lineker def. Azamat Gashimov via TKO (strikes) at 1:07 of round 2.

I keep reading his name as Azzhat Gashimov.

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