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Jussier Formiga vs. Chris Cariaso

Round 1:
Kevin Mulhall is our referee for this flyweight bout. Cariaso pumps his jab. Formiga misses a right hook then connects with a leg kick. Formiga changes levels for a double against the cage. He gets it. Cariaso scrambles to his feet, but Formiga plants him back on the mat, landing in side control. Cariaso regains his guard. Formiga patiently advances into half guard, then side control. Formiga plants his knee on Cariaso's stomach and looks to pass to mount. Cariaso fights it off, eventually regaining half guard. Formiga relentless with his advances, but Cariaso is doing a good job stifling any damage. Mulhall stands the fighters. Leg kick from Cariaso. Formiga returns the favor.

Round 2:
Formiga immediately plants Cariaso on the mat, then advances to mount. Cariaso shrimps out and regains half guard, then back to full guard. Formiga slips into half guard. The crowd is getting restless. Cariaso locks up his guard and scoots his back against the cage. Formiga pries him away and retakes full mount. Formiga finally postures up and rains down a few punches. Cariaso escapes back into guard. Another quick stand-up from Mulhall. Have to question that one. Formiga clinches against the fence. Cariaso breaks away. Cariaso wades forward with straight punches, but nothing lands flush. Cariaso sprawls to defend a double.

Round 3:
Cariaso the aggressor to start the final round. Formiga avoids any danger, then locks up and trips Cariaso to the floor. Cariaso stands and defends a double. Mulhall breaks up the action again. Why? Cariaso finds a home for a straight left on Formiga's chin. Formiga slips a combination then clinches against the fence. Formiga hunting for a single. Cariaso seizes a no-hooks d'arce choke. Oh wow. Formiga falls to the ground, rolls out, then retakes his feet. Cariaso plants Formiga on the mat and starts raining down blows. Huge elbows bloody the face of Formiga. Cariaso advances to side control. Massive shots from Cariaso. Formiga stands but eats a huge knee for his troubles. Valiant effort from Cariaso.

Jussier Formiga def. Chris Cariaso via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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