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Well, can't compete with Ben's style but here's their rundown for the record ;-)

Lucas Martins vs. Jeremy Larsen

Round 1:
Here we go, folks. Mario Yamasaki our the referee for this opening lightweight bout. Martins picks his shots from the outside early. Larsen trips Martins then lands a big right hand. Martins recovers and responds with a standing elbow to the jaw. Larsen ducks under for a single, but can't get it. Larsen catches a leg kick and tosses Martins away. Martins swings for the fences. Larsen bulldozes in and floors Martins with a straight right. Martins snatches a heel hook from the bottom, then transitions to a calf slicer. Larsen wants no part of it and backs out. Larsen wades in, eats a knee and completes a double leg. Another double from Larsen, and the boos start to trickle in from the biased Brazilian crowd. Martins stands, finds his range with a few combinations, then slips to the mat. Larsen jumps on top, landing in full guard.

Round 2:
Huge one-two lands for Martins. Larsen just eats it. Martins chips away with a leg kick. Larsen closes the distance and lands a few knees to the thigh, but is unable to complete a single. Larsen dives in again, this time for a double, but Martins fights it off. Martins snaps off a leg kick. Larsen staggers Martins with a straight right. Martins answers with an uppercut. A huge gash is ripped open below Larsen's right eye. Body kick for Martins, followed by a flurry. Larsen cracks Martins with a giant straight right. And another. Wow. Martins still standing. Another huge right hand from Larsen. Martins is on wobbly legs. Larsen just stole the round.

Round 3:
Larsen storms across the cage winging looping punches. Martins eats a shot then crumbles Larsen with a dagger of a right hand. Wow. Larsen is out cold. This one is over.

Lucas Martins def. Jeremy Larsen via KO (punch) at 0:13 of round 3.
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