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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
England blows. Get over it.

(or at least, what used to be America)

America want a proper trade relationship with the European Union....GOD Help them....There is only one Federal Government worse then the American Union...and more likely to spread chaos and Socialism.

That is Angela Merkels Fourth Reich.

I couldnt believe it when I heard the US President talk about it...If I was him, I'd find Trade with the Russians and Chinese more palatable. What especially made me giggle was what Obama said when asked what he thought about the British preparing to leave the Union...and he said that he thinks in close relationships one should try everything to make it work before they walk away.

Thats easy for him to say...He cant get re-ellected he CAN walk away after signing the US up to being part of the European Union.

If you thought the British were bad.... Does Washington ever put out edicts concerning the length and bendy-ness of Cucumbers? Brussels has no quarms about idiotic laws like "that Cucumber is far to bendy to legally sell" OH YES THEY DID!
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