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This is about treating people with respect. Especially, when its WRITTEN evidence.

You dont have to agree with someone, but there is no real excuse to degrade them. That says far more about the sayer, then the doer...and the big thing Diaz forgot is...Caraway had as much say in receiving the bonus, as Healy did in loosing it. The Management awards the Bonus...its not Caraways fault that he ended up with someone elses big pay day because the management deamed their mistake excluded their profitability of a gift.

Secondly, whilst the drug is rulled a drug...its not a debatable issue. Who cares if its dangerous or not performance enhancing...its illegal, and therefore not up for debate until such time as the laws change.

Finally...Diaz is only saying this because his Brother has been in trouble for the same offense. I dont think Diaz cares about Healy, or hair t world it happened to his borther and how unfair t world it happened to his borther and how unfair that was.

I'm sure that the UFC will investigate him, and fine him for a first time offence...but he could do with silencing his manager, and dropping the attitude...that wont go down well in a civil disciplinary...not when what he's accused is written evidence...he has to realize why what he said was offensive, appologise, and promise not to repeat...or else he will only make the findings worse for himself.
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