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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
for the most part, i agree with you VCU. maybe i should have elaborated. i think the "F" word is as degrading to a homosexual as the "N" word is to a black person. not comparing their struggles through history, just saying that they're both equally offended.

the big difference to me, black people dont choose what color they are.
gay people do (IMO).

but if it says in your contract, "don't say this stuff", and you proceed to do so in a very public forum, you obviously dont want a job. or youre just challenging your boss as if you dont expect him to do anything.
Yeah, I agree with that. You absolutely have freedom of speech, but if you sign a contract, then you have to abide by the rules in it. It's like the 5th Amendment: you don't have to incriminate yourself. But if you do, you've forfeited that right.

Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
heres food for thought; why would homosexuals be offended if Nate called a straight person a "Fag"? i understand that you shouldnt call homosexuals fags because theyre offended, but why cant you call a straight person a fag without offending homosexuals? like if someone called me the "n" word, id just laugh. because im not at all remotely black. and my buddies call me a fag all the time just kidding with me. this is a topic that could be debated to no end i guess because some people are offended by everything.

(i hope at least part of that makes since as i was typing it as i thought it)
Well the idea is that when someone is called a fag, the implication is that there's something wrong with them. That they are as abnormal for that action/belief/etc. as a "real" fag is for their actions/beliefs/etc. So to use fag as an insult implies that simply being that gay is, in and of itself, an abnormal state of affairs & deserves to be mocked/derided/etc.
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