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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
oh these Diaz boys never stop amazing me. you certainly cannot say "Fag" these days. i mean, i get it. itd be the same as if he said the "N" word anything similar. but i must admit, that I have a tendency to call stuff that I dont like "gay". as in "wow, my remote control wont work. thats gay." i cant help it
That's certainly not the case. Many comedians have already pointed it out, but if you're comparing the evil of two words & you can't say one of the words: that's obviously the worse word!

It's about "midget" and not "faggot", but the principle still applies:

There are lots of words that are offensive to a lot of different people, but I'm sick & tired of people trying to claim that their word is "as bad as the 'N' word". No, it's not. Your "plight" is no where near that bad. Get over yourself.

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