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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Again? I mean, are you surprised by this or is this just further confirmation of your on-going disappointment with Zuffa?
A bit of both, to be honnest.

I am a little suprised they are so blatant in their contracts, and what I hate more then liars, are lairs who pretend they are truthful. There is a very good reason that they didnt make this public...its not because they are a private company...its because its morally corrupt, and they know that, and they know a lot of people wont approve, so they try and muddy the waters by promising its not as bad as we think, but refusing to show us...

...This would corrolate directly with Pay also. They dont disclose the ammount, because they are being deceitful. They put on an act of caring for their fighters wellbeing, and being morally and ethically upright and assure us that people get paid fairly for their risks...but they refuse to show us the details, because that proves they are liars.

Ironically, I can cope with a liar, who simply lies, because you know where you are with them. you know they are untrustworthy, and mean, and they dont try to hide it. What really irks me, Ben, is those who are all of the above, but pretend to be nice, pretend to be honnest, pretend that they care and are acting in a Just manner.

When we didnt know, there was always a chance that they might not have been the liars I thought they were. Now, its proven that they are.
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