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Good evening everyone.

An update:

I got to talk with the Dr. today about the full report from the exam I went through.

My attention, focus, and processing speed were where the most improvements were made. My short term memory was improved as well, but not nearly as much as the other areas. My working memory also showed improvement.

My long term memory has been listed as severely impaired. When we talked about it today, I had written notes down to ask some questions about the tests. I wanted to know which tests I didn't perform well with. I literally couldn't remember which tests I took. There were word lists that I could recall some of the words just after the list was read to me. However, I didn't remember more than a couple after a 15-30 min break. The same problem with a story that was read to me. I could repeat certain conditions in the story just after hearing it, but couldn't recall the story after a break. Visual recall, remembering pictures I had to draw, was the same as the other memory problems.

So that's where I am now. We will be focusing on more memory strategies to try and store information in long term memory, and improve the working and short term aspects as well.
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