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  • The Frilled Shark of Your Nightmares

    Submitted by: Unknown
    Despite being one of the scariest damn sea creatures I've ever seen really isn't terribly harmful to humans. At it's worst japanese fisherman describe it as a "nuisance," still I wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark sea-alley.

  • The Lion Jellyfish Is Monstrous

    Submitted by: Unknown
    I don't like jello, or giggly things in general, so needless to say jellyfish and I don't get along. Then I find out that the Lion Jelly is 7 feet in diameter and has tentacles of 120 feet, well, I just pee my pants and hope that no one saw me.

  • The Blue-Ringed Octopus Will Leave You Paralyzed

    Submitted by: Unknown
    Probably the cutest of the critters on this list, but it's on here for a reason. And, that reason is PURE TOXICITY. This little guy has enough poison in it to paralyze 26 people. TWENTY-SIX, so while you're going into respiratory arrest, your friend that was trying to help you just got bitten. No thank you.

  • The Gulper Eel Could Easily Fit You in It's Jaws

    Submitted by: Unknown
    So, this guy isn't really an eel, it's a fish, and it probably couldn't swallow you whole. However, it could definitely fit your head in it's mouth. And, that's pretty creepy.

  • The Stargazer Is Watching You

    Submitted by: Unknown
    These creepy jerks bury themselves in the seafloor watching and waiting for fish to pass overhead. "How can they do that," you ask? Well, these guys have eyes on the top of their noggin, then when a meal swims by they POISON AND/OR ELECTROCUTE IT. This is why you watch where you step.

  • Goblin Sharks Will Eat Your Soul

    Submitted by: Unknown
    These deep sea sharks are known as "living fossils" and pretty much have the creepiest mouth I've ever seen. It's straight out of a Japanese horror movie. Sleep tight, dear readers.

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