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Whenever you're waiting for the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, just keep in mind that I live in Hollywood, California -- which is so obviously located in the Pacific Standard Time Zone. So what may be afternoon for you is still morning for us west coasters. Also, picture me passed out on my sofa, slightly hung over, fully clothed from last night with a frozen vegan pizza unwrapped and sitting on my kitchen counter. Sure I had every intention to put it in the oven and have a tasty snack while I watched this weekend's episode of Project Runway, but the allure of horizontally positioning myself on my sofa was just too strong. I couldn't fight it, nor should you. Enjoy the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.
  • UFC has signed a deal to do a show in Singapore and another one in Macau, which will probably be labeled something geographically incorrect like 'UFC China 2.'
  • The two locations for UFC's shows in Asia will be Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and the Venetian in Macau.
  • UFC also plans to open an office in Singapore and they're actively recruiting in the area. Look for the official announcement a little bit later.
  • It appears that Bjorn Rebney may be on his way out of Bellator. Randy Couture will be the new 'face' of Bellator, but Viacom/Spike TV will continue to call the shots.
  • Bruce Buffer was paid a lot of cash for his 'It's Time' book.
  • It's not like Ariel Helwani needs anymore promotion to listen to his hit Monday morning podcast, but be sure to tune in tomorrow. Eddie Alvarez will drop the equivilant of a verbal nuke regarding Bellator.
  • UFC plans to do something special for the victims of the Boston Bomber in their upcoming Boston card on August 17th.
  • Google offered a pair of the new Google Glasses to Dana White, but he declined.
  • Bob Sapp has a part in a new Bethesda game that will be announced in this year's E3 expo.
  • It appears Brett Rogers is no longer signed with Bellator. Bummer.
  • Apparently Chael Sonnen wants to purchase the WWE after he's finished with MMA. Interesting.
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