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There's nothing I want to do more than to crawl back in my bed and hibernate from the rest of the world for the remainder of the day. I have tons of emails to answer, articles to write, but if it were up to me, the light switch on the universe would be turned off for the next few hours. As always, I feel obligated to deliver the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill on an actual Sunday. It's rare when it happens, but when it does, it's like the multi-colored sprinkles on top of your MMA doughnut. Enjoy.
  • The next international season of TUF will take place between Canada vs. Australia.
  • Vinny Magalhaes went into his UFC 159 fight against Phil Davis with a pretty bad injury that he didn't want to disclose before the bout, or even after.
  • Bob Sapp has three fights lined up this year and apparently he really want to win one of them.
  • We've all heard this before over the years, but it appears that Dana White is making one last attempt to get Fedor in the ranks of the UFC.
  • Unfortunately another MMA clothing company will be going out of business pretty soon. Sad to see this one go. Bummer.
  • A grudge match between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen is slated for later in the year, but it appears that Chael Sonnen has no interest in that fight.
  • Reebok and the UFC are about to announce a pretty big deal in the next few days.
  • Expect a really advanced mobile game to launch with the release of EA UFC, which the world will be able to view at this year's E3 expo.
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