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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
Thank God it didn't. It would have broken Jones' record and we would have had to wait months for them to face again. Did you see Jones' elation in the fight totally change when he saw his foot? Poor guy looked like he was going to faint. It made me chuckle some. Guess that adrenaline wore off QUICK. Props to Rogan for getting him seated, holding him up, etc.

Anderson apparently called Dana White after UFC 159 and asked for a super fight. I wonder if he asked for Jones.
I thought he was going to throw up

As for Anderson, it is obviously Jones who he wants. GSP does not want to fight him, which we already knew.

I was listening to Dana's post-fight interview, my favorite part was him talking to Chael right after the fight. Chael looked at Dana and said "I think I won this fight, so this may be controversial" Chael cracks me up!
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