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Bryan Caraway vs. Johnny Bedford

Round 1:
Keith Peterson is the referee. Caraway lands a left hook as both fighters open orthodox. Bedford stops a shot from Caraway and presses forward with missed punches. Right hand scores for Bedford. Bedford slips on a punch and Caraway takes his back while dragging him to the floor. Bedford breaks the body triangle and stands. One-two for Bedford finds the mark. Left hand now, too. Bedford pressing forward and lands a three-punch combo, but misses on a takedown. Caraway scores one of his own.

Round 2:
Caraway shoots from outside twice and can't get it. Right hand and a knee find the mark for Bedford. Two more left hooks and an outside leg kick as well. And another followed by a left rib roaster. Caraway scores on a deep single and passes to half guard. Caraway switches his hips and scores small shots but stays in half guard until the end of the round.

Round 3:
Both fighters open missing lots of strikes. Caraway lands with a right straight. Left hook now for Bedford. And another. Caraway reaches for two shots and can't get it. Caraway presses Bedford into the fence, but Bedford hits a switch to square up his hips. Caraway, however, hits a peek out and is on top. Bedford locks up an armbar attempt, but Caraway scrambles through and is now in Beford's half guard. Caraway sits into a guillotine attempt, but Beford rolls base down. Caraway pushes it through with his hips and moves to mount. Beford is forced to tap.

Bryan Caraway def. Johnny Bedford via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:44 of round 3.
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