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Default Watch Chael Sonnen's mother talk about the time she pulled a shotgun on Yushin Okami

Chael Sonnen uses a gun whenever his mouth is low on ammo. That's another way of saying Chael Sonnen has never picked up a firearm in his life. His mother doesn't have a PhD in Socio-Economic Verbal Theory, so she has no problem carrying heat like she's related to Prometheus. I've never seen that movie 'Machine Gun Preacher,' but 'Shotgun Mom' could easily consist of two hours of Chael Sonnen's mom blasting home intruders at point-blank range and I will never not be entertained.

Spencer Lazara caught up with the matriarch of the Sonnen Clan to discuss the emergence of her son into the MMA scene -- and that one time when she nearly shot Yushin Okami because she thought he was a home intruder. Check it out.
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