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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Of course, he just HAD to weigh in...after the story had died down, of course. Two things struck me. First, he bad-mouths Mitrione for bad-mouthing someone else. Pot, meet kettle. Second, his tortured statement never uses a gender pronoun. He may as well have said "it".

I guess he's a sensitive butterfly.

I think he'll probably win Saturday but Chael's definitely got him rattled!
I've just seen some quotes pulled out of context, but nothing else. Was this off-the-cuff or was he asked about it by a journalist? Honestly, lazier MMA writers know that slapping "_____ said THIS about Fallon Fox!!!!!!" is gauranteed clicks, so I wouldn't be surprised if the interviewer wasn't able to come up with anything to about the fight & just took this route instead.

Also, the issue just got re-stirred yesterday because Mitrione's already off suspension & signed to fight Brendan Schaub in a couple months. That's why it was "relevant" to bring it up again.
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