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Default Picking up Joe Silva will result in immediate time out from the athletic commission

The only unspoken rule when in the vicinity of a 'little person' is that you should not pick him/her up. I know it's tempting, but in the world of 'little people,' that's the equivalent of slapping their mother and then robbing their entire house at gunpoint. We're not saying Joe Silva has the stature of a little person, but it's the only example we can find in which picking up a person is deemed socially unacceptable.

It even looked like former WEC head-honcho, Reed Harris, had a pretty tight grip on Thomson's arm as he was escorting him to his 'timeout corner.' Lesson learned today: Picking up Joe Silva will get you physically reprimanded by people that really can't physically reprimand you. Props to MMATKO for the find.

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