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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I don't get why Frank kept letting himself get backed up against the cage in the first place? Frank looked to be in great shape and he's no shrimp so what's up with that?
mir was hurting him with those body kicks and he probably could have stopped dc if he kept throwing them ... but he just stopped ... DC is tough .... i would like to see him try and get down to 205, but i don't think he can and stay healthy ...

it was funny to see nate mouth off to thompson, call him a bitch and then get ktfo ... and to top it off, the other big bad boy from the 209, his brother threw in the towel .. LOL ...

oh and i think henderson won that fight ... 4 rounds to 1 .... melendez needs a better corner ... jake shields was awful .. same with nate ... nick just sat there looking across the cage ...

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