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Frank Mir vs. Daniel Cormier

Round 1:
The referee in charge of the action is Herb Dean. Cormier opens orthodox, Mir is southpaw. Mir opens with range-finding kicks, but none land. Cormier stalking early, but hasn't thrown much. Cormier swarms, but eats a knee to the body for his efforts. Cormier lands two shots to the body and head against the fence. Cormier is tying up Mir while scoring quick, hard punches to the body over and over. Cormier backs off. Mir lands a short right, but Cormier presses him into the fence and goes back to work. Inside leg kick from Cormier stumbles Mir, but he recovers.

Round 2:
Mir lands a small outside leg kick. Cormier once again secures an underhook and presses Mir into the fence. Cormier lands several hard shots there, but ultimately steps away. Cormier lands a right hand and presses Mir back into the fence. Cormier back away once again. Mir lands a short right hand. Cormier is back to pressing Mir into the fence. Mir responds with a knee in the clinch. Two hard right hands by Cormier and Mir lands his own counter. Two-punch combo scores for Cormier plus a hard body shot.

Round 3:
Cormier eats a leg kick from Mir and attempts a takedown, but can't get it, but still manages to press Mir into the fence. Mir lands a hard body kick and a knee and it appears to have hurt Cormier a bit. Cormier lands another right hand at distance and re-initiates the clinch. Mir lands another body kick. Mir tries to pull guard off of a single leg takedown, but Cormier backs away and now presses Mir into the fence. The referee separates them and Mir tries a last-second flurry, but doesn't score much.

Daniel Cormier def. Frank Mir by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

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