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Francis Carmont vs. Lorenz Larkin

Round 1:
Mike Beltran is the referee for this middleweight fight. Both fighters clearly respect one another's power. Carmont makes the first real move two minutes in as he shoots in and bodylocks Larkin against the fence. Carmont grabs a leg and Larkin moves halfway a cross the cage looking to break free. An amazing sequence as Carmont relentlessly pursues the leg all over the Octagon before Larkin finally breaks free. Back to center Octagon with about a minute left, as the cautious kickboxing match from early on returns.

Round 2:
Carmont keeps the shorter Larkin at bay early with body kicks. Larkin feigns a spinning back fist and throws a low kick instead. Larkin gets the better of an exchange. Carmont goes for the single leg again and gets the takedown. Back to their feet. Larkin lands a series of elbows in the clinch. They break. Two minutes left. Little happens for well over a minute. Larkin again feigns a backfist and lands a low kick. It's like he found a secret move in a video game. Carmont with a late takedown.

Round 3:
An early scramble ends with Carmont taking a standing Larkin's back. He works for a choke, but doesn't get it. The pace slows and both guys are breathing heavily. The crowd jeers. Carmont with another trip. They stay in that position for quite some time until Larkin manages to get a Kimura and nearly finish the fight. Carmont rolls out and gets back to his feet. Larkin throws a wild flying kick near the horn which misses.

Francis Carmont def. Lorenz Larkin via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
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